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arents and guardians comprise an important ingredient in the recipe for student success.  Parents are a child’s first teacher and whether they like it or not, continue to play that role even when the “kids” are grown and gone.  We can’t help it — we love them!  And our Magnet schools value that critical role.

Renaissance staff and family members.

Since you and your child made an active choice to attend one of Springfield’s Magnet schools, we know that you have already made an investment in your child’s education. We want to make this experience as full and meaningful for families as for students so we encourage you to become an active participant in your child’s school.  There are many opportunities for you to become involved, from volunteering to chaperone field trips to being an “expert” during a career day to attending school events such as Open House or exhibition nights and we hope you will find a way to comfortably share all the expertise, interests and value you bring to our school families.

Please let us know if there are ways we can support you and your family so that we can work together to build the best and brightest future possible for your child.

Family Resources: Photo 13.Cent.AP Guide

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