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Students at the CenterWhen it comes to education, Springfield families have a real choice!

Magnet Balloting takes place from

November 30, 2015 through January 8, 2016.

Magnet Schools offer unique and exciting “magnet themes” that provide a focus for student learning. Our Magnet Schools provide rich, in-depth, hands-on experiences for students that enable them to more fully understand the connections between what they are learning and its relevance to their lives outside the classroom.

The educational programs offered in Springfield’s Magnet schools are not offered anywhere else in the state — not in the suburbs, not in other cities — just here in Springfield!  Our Magnet school programs are thoughtfully selected to meet the demands of education and the current job market.  We know that the STEM fields are where the jobs of the future are – and there is a shortage of qualified workers to fill those jobs.  We know that when you engage students in the Arts, you engage them hearts, mind and body.  We know that when you involve students in issues related to social justice and change, you create a more compassionate society and students prepared to meet the needs of our increasingly diverse and shrinking world.

We strive to make school a place where learning is relevant and rewarding.  If you haven’t visited any of our Magnet schools to see this for yourself, we encourage you to call the schools and make arrangements to do so.  There are no better judges of what kind of education best suits a student than the students and parents themselves. Come for a visit and see for yourself the incredible educational opportunities available, right here in Springfield!

Click here for a quick snapshot of Springfield’s Magnet Schools and themes.

Click here to download information on enrolling in Magnet Schools.

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