Magnet Attractions by Kathe Harbour

There are so many great things happening in our Magnet Schools every day that it’s nearly impossible to keep up! From fantastic musicals performed at Central High School to monthly Coffee Houses at our new Conservatory of the Arts, to celebrations of Learning at Duggan and Renaissance — it’s all happening here in Springfield’s Magnet Schools!


During the relative calm of summer our teachers spend lots of time planning for the busy and exciting year ahead. DCG-523c00b8b5da0Our teachers are hard at work learning about new technological advances at conferences such as the International Society for Technology Educators (ISTE) that brings over 20,000 people from around the world to share best practices.  SCotA teachers are hard at work developing curriculum units that integrate the arts all Central teaching staff participates in PD to implement advanced studies methodologies. Duggan teachers have worked hard to develop lessons that incorporate Social Justice aspects to their learning goals that also involve students in meaningful community service activities.  Renaissance staff are busily preparing STEM-centric lessons and units that provide in-depth, hands-on experiences for students that take place both in and out of school.  All of this adds up to greater learning opportunities for our students who graduate well-equipped to be successful in school and beyond.

All this is in addition to the tons of summer activities for students such as arts activities at SCotA, baSCotA Student Sculptornd camp at Central and social justice camp at Duggan —   as you can see, summer is a hot bed of activity for our Magnet Schools!

Check back often for updates on what’s happening in our schools.


Kathe Harbour
Manager of Magnet Program Development and Outreach


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