Selecting the Right School
Springfield’s Public School Options

Mueseum docent and K students with Calder sculpture

hoosing the right school for your child is one of the most important things a parent can do.  When your child reaches school age, he or she will receive an automatic assignment to a school that has been designated as your “boundary school,” based on your specific address in Springfield.  Magnet schools provide an alternate option for families.

Know your child’s needs…

Every student has his or her own unique talents, interests, abilities and needs and no one knows more about them than you. It may help to sit down and make a list of what you want in your child’s school. This might include a school that is close to home or one of our Magnet schools with their special programs that match your child’s interests and post-high school aspirations. Since each of our Magnet schools has a unique theme, it is well worth taking time to visit the schools that appeal to you and your child to see which may be a good fit.

 Visit and ask questions…

Picking the right school for your child is very important, and the best choices are made after a careful look at the school and the people who work there. Call the schools and ask about Open Houses, or schedule a visit. Speak with the principal and teachers. Look at the student work displayed in hallways and classrooms. Ask staff and parents about the school and the reasons they would give for choosing it. Do their reasons match the needs and interests of your child?

 Signing Up…

Students not currently enrolled in the Springfield Public Schools wPIC Entranceill first need to register at the Student Assignment Services (SAS) Office, located at 91 School Street. After completing the registration paperwork a student ID number is generated which is necessary to access the Magnet enrollment system.  During the Magnet and High School Balloting period (December through the end of the first week in January) the ballot will be available on the front page of the Springfield Public Schools website at:  After the enrollment period is over most of our Magnet school seats are filled however, parents may sign up for the waiting list for their first choice school at the Student Assignment Services Office.


For more information on our Magnet Schools, call Kathe Harbour at 787-7478. For questions about registration call the Student Assignment Services Office at 787-6959 or visit

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