The Magnet Schools Advantage
Why Choose A Magnet School?

tudents today are far more savvy in the ways of the world than were previous generations. The world is changing and expanding so rapidly that we must pay careful attention to stay one step ahead of them.  That’s exactly what we believe we have done in designing our Magnet Schools that offer exciting, academically challenging programs to attract, engage and maintain the interest of students.

What IS a Magnet School?

The Magnet Schools Assistance Program was established to help school districts increase diversity in elementary or secondary schools through unique educational programming designed to attract families to make an active choice to enroll children in our schools. Our Magnet programs support and supplement the curriculum, providing a common lens through which children master knowledge while interdisciplinary teaching enables students to make important and lasting connections across content areas.

Hands-on Learning:

Central scienceOne of the main advantages of being on the receiving end of a magnet grant is the ability to furnish schools with the latest technology available and much needed materials and supplies. Students of today learn best by doing and each of our magnet schools is designed to enable them to make critical connections between school and real life through meaningful and relevant courses of study. These school experiences are supported by community, business and college/university partners who are eager to help students enter higher education or the local workforce prepared to make a significant impact.

Magnet School Themes:

Each Magnet School has a central focus, or theme, around which teaching and learning takes place.  Our Magnet themes are carefully selected to match the needs and interests of both our students and families as well as the strengths of the individual schools. Before a school undertakes becoming a Magnet School, we survey school staff and administration as well as parents to figure out the best fit. After hearing from all sectors, research-based, thematic options are discussed and the hard work of bringing the theme to life begins.

Based on input from our community and our incredible success in writing and winning Magnet grants, Springfield is the only city in the state to offer a collection of world-renowned educational programs. Our current themes are:

Visual and Performing ArtsGerena

(Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)

IB Character Traits.CommerceInternational Baccalaureate Programmes

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Each school and program has a lot to offer your child and we welcome you to visit and see for yourself if our programs meet your child’s interests, strengths and ambitions. Please visit our school’s pages to learn more about how these unique themes are enriching the lives of our Springfield students.

Putting the Pieces Together:

We also invest in teachers through theme-specific, in-depth training that puts in their hands the latest tools available to help students learn the requisite skills for success in the 21st Century. This means that teachers must be on top of the latest  research, trends in the job market and the needs of businesses and organizations that will rely on our students to lead them confidently into the future. We believe in our teachers’ ability to turn our students’ dreams for success into reality, and we help them develop the expertise to turn their ability into action.

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