Duggan Expeditionary Learning Magnet School
Expeditionary Learning School

uggan Expeditionary Learning School emphasizes high achievement through active learning, character growth and teamwork. Duggan students participate in active, hands-on, project-based learning, focusing on academic excellence and the character values of the Duggan Way: respect, responsibility, quality, courage, and compassion for all students, faculty, administration and staff.

Expansion Plans:

DSC05133Parents asked, and we listened! Based on the demand by parents for a safe, small school environment, Duggan became part of the newest Magnet grant to expand from a middle school to a 6-12 school with a focus on Social Justice. Over the course of the next 4 years, Duggan will add one high school grade per year beginning with grade 9 in 2014.  Seats at the high school level will be limited to 60 students per grade.

Learning Expeditions:

 EL schools address academic subjects through challenging, standards-based units with hands-on projects that are often interdisciplinary in nature. Our students have conducted first-hand research about development around the Connecticut River and white-water rafted on the river, served lunch at a local homeless shelter and interviewed residents there as a part of their research project about the causes of homelessness, and done primary research about the American Revolution as they explored battle sites at Lexington and Concord.

Focus on Social Justice:

A key feature of learning at Duggan will be the Social Justice magnet theme, through which students will explore connections to community issues, environmental stewardship, global knowledge and understandings, and equity. Students will learn to use technology to support critical thinking, inquiry and research practices. Western New England School of Law, with a new pro bono program requirement for all law students, will assist in the identification of law-related social justice issues that can be explored at every grade level, beginning in the middle school years. The Boston-based Discovering Justice program will partner with Duggan to initiate their Mock Trial training program.

Small School Focus:

All teachers at Duggan serve as advisors to a group of up to 12 students who meet weekly during what is known of in EL as “Crew,” from the expression used by Outward Bound founder, Kurt Hahn, ”We are crew, not passengers.”  The purpose of Crew is to support character development, academic growth, student goal-setting and community-building . With the help of their advisors, students participate in team-building games to help them reflect on how to deal with obstacles and challenges. Students participate in service projects, set quarterly goals and create a portfolio of their best academic work.

Duggan Citizen Scholars:DSC05744

Students who earn 3’s and 4’s on their Habits of Scholarship in all of their subjects are named Duggan Citizen Scholars. Scholars participate in special activities and are entered into raffles to win gift cards, college paraphernalia and other cool items.  It’s one way we celebrate our motto: “Work hard, get smart, be Duggan!!”

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